Warning Signs Of Multiple Sclerosis


Multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory disease of the human’s central nervous system which is usually chronic. It is as a result of the immune system targeting the fatty substance protecting spinal cord and brain nerve fibers mistakenly.

Signs that warn about multiple sclerosis

Fatigue and weaknessfatiguewteryuioplkjhgfdsadsfgbfhnhmj

Muscle weakness that starts in the legs is usually a sign of multiple sclerosis in its early stages. You may feel numbness or tingling accompanied by chronic fatigue. This exhaustion appears suddenly and takes a couple of days before improving. Such fatigue and muscle weakness is a strong indication you may be developing multiple sclerosis.

Vision problems

If your eyesight starts to worsen, the reason may be multiple sclerosis. The disease can cause inflammation of the optic nerves in the eye. This will lead to double vision episodes and blurred vision. See a doctor soon if you have these eye problems.

Bladder problems

Bladder problems like strong urges, frequent urination, and incontinence are likely to be observed in people who have multiple sclerosis. In case you keep running to the washroom for calls then consult a doctor as soon as possible as it may not be business as usual. Even sexual dysfunction can at times be a symptom of this disease. This is because the disease weakens your spinal cord making it impossible for you to be sexually active.

Memory trouble

The primary area affected by multiple sclerosis is the human nervous system. This implies that the patient will tend to have cognitive problems which are usually not common unless the nervous system is affected. You may have memory or language slip-ups, find it difficult to be organized or have a shorter attention span. These signs will indicate a more advanced stage since very few people who have multiple sclerosis will have cognitive problems robust enough to hinder their daily activities.

Muscle spasms and pain

If you develop unrmusclepainfsdgfhjklouiyutreweteyrutelenting pain and muscle spasms and stiffness then most likely you have multiple sclerosis. Most
people who suffer from this develop significant pains at some point. Women suffering from this tend to undergo pain more than men.

Perhaps you may be having these symptoms and take it to be normal. Well now you know they may not be just normal occurrences. Consult your doctor immediately for diagnosis and proper medication.