Top shoes every woman should own

Having an organized footwear plan is necessary for every woman. It can help you to stock your closed with your favorite shoes, which cover a broad range of fashion styles. According to LuLaroe dashboard, from statement shoes to go-anywhere boots, you will discover that opportunities are endless. The following are some popular shoes each woman should purchase.

Women shoes

Ballet flats

tgwefcv76hedcu2j222Although basic, they provide a comfy no-fuss solution whenever you are around or out. They are both ladylike and casual. Moreover, they can go well with the shift dresses, cutoffs, or just pleated skirts. They are available in a broad range of materials, toe shapes, and heel heights. The top materials for upper include cotton, canvas, leather, suede, and synthetics.


In fact, a pair of pumps is just like stilettos when polished. However, it has a chunky heel. They are ideal for daily activities like wearing on evenings or at the office. The majority of pumps have got heel size of up to 2.0 inches. This is adequate to offer you a lift without being extreme for the workplace. The chic black with a pointed toe look is a simple style that is not likely to go out of season.


Having a classic pair of sneakers is quite versatile. Also, you can pair them with a chiffon dress, jeans, or shorts. White sneakers are known to provide most versatility. However, they are also available in a broad range of colors that easily match any particular outfit.

Ankle boots

Having a versatile pair of this particular shoe offers the ability to get anywhere you want. They have a neutral hue and walkable heel to make them suitable for any season. Moreover, they are available in a broad range of styles such as wedge, pointy, platform, and stiletto to make it simpler to get something that can match the occasion.


wegdcv6dhgcv7wuejdjo2iwA nice-looking pair of sandals is a must-have in any particular shoe wardrobe. It goes quite well with a broad range of outfits from jeans and maxi-dress to denim cut-offs. In fact, stylish pair of sandals is likely to make a great alternative to heels that can be used for special events such as weddings.


This is a perfect choice on sunny days. Also, it is a great alternative for both heels and flats. It is quite stylish. You should note that a pair of wedge shoes is easy to walk on and offers a lot of arch support as compared to high heels.