Friends are good people to have. They make your life better and advise you when making life decisions. There are various types of friends out there. The kind of friend you have depends on your interaction.

Types of friends

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If you’re the kind of friend who ends up hoarding secrets, it is because you are the listener. Your friends trust you and open up to you about their dark secrets and even guilty pleasures. This shows that they are highly accepting of people and because of this other see you as a confidante. You not only listen well but also reciprocate appropriately, knowing when to be supportive and when to give them an ear full.


This kind of friend is crazy. They drag you out of bed at two in the morning just because they feel like taking a walk. They are the ones still dancing when everyone is tired and make you laugh just by the way they talk, and to top it all off, they don’t care who is looking. Though they can be exasperating at times, you admire their eccentric outlook on life. They push you into things you would never dare to do yourself, and it is liberating, to say the least. If you’re this kind of friend, remember not to let your impulsiveness take over common sense. Understand when your friends might need a break from the craziness you welcome so ardently.

The mirror

This friend shares your interests and beliefs. You trade books clothes and even have similar taste in movies. They are sure to update you about all the latest in things that you both enjoy.

The opposite

This friend challenges you. You have strong views, and they do too. They question your beliefs and in doing so cause you to explore your thoughts, motives and attitude further. If you are such a friend the one thing to keep in mind is not to get too offensive while giving your opinions like this can cause you to lose friends rather than hold onto them.

Soul sister

This is the friend you hasoul sisteradfsdghfjgkouyituryerwedfgdhfven’t met in months, even years but every time you do the time gone by never seems to factor in. There is none of that awkwardness one feels after meeting someone they haven’t in a while. With them, things just fall into place every time. Let’s face it; no one can be this type of friend to everyone. But if you have this with someone, you are indeed very lucky.

Now you have an idea of the different types of friends and how they will impact your life. Choose wisely.