Examples of new age timber floors


With the so many benefits that people get when they use the timber flooring it’s becoming so commonly used. But the hard part comes when you have to make a decision between the different varieties that are available in the market today. It can be so confusing if you don’t have the slightest idea of the one that you should get and the one that will serve all the needs that you have in mind. Timber floor is the best, and you will only enjoy the benefits if you can get the right one. Talk to Floor Sanding Perth for the new age timber floors. Below are examples of new age timbers floor in the market.

Engineered timber floor


When it comes to this type of timber floor, it’s all about the timber board that consists of more than one layer. The layering of this kind of timber floor is so important it will help in making sure that the floor will not be affected by the change in humidity because it does not have the layers then the floor might shrink or even swell. When it comes to the first layer of this kind of timber floor must of solid wood, and it must be 2 to 6mm thick. It’s the most commonly used example of hardwood in the market nowadays.

Reclaimed timber flooring

For this kind of timber flooring, it’s slowly becoming so commonly used in the market today. But if you are working on a budget it cannot be the kind of flooring to choose. This is because it’s not cheaper and installation it’s so much longer. In general, it’s the best to use, but you must be ready to spend, but the good thing about this timber floor is that you will not have to worry about renovating anytime soon. Because it’s so durable.

Wide plank timber flooring


If you are thinking of using a wider plank, then it will not be easy to find. Since the wider the plan especially if it will be more than 140mm it will be so helpful in managing the changes in humidity if you live in areas that this occasionally happens. That why the use of the wider plank is becoming so common because you can get them at 180mm and this is helpful when it comes to the humidity problem. This kind of wood will help in managing everything in the house, and no repairs will be needed anytime soon.